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NESHMM Newsletter

Winter 2016


December 2016

From:  Brian Murphy

The NESHMM Board hopes that you are able to take time to appreciate family and friends during the holiday season that is upon us.  It is also a time at which we can take a look at the past year and plan ahead to 2017.

Should you be having any trouble coming up with gift ideas consider giving NESHMM membership to encourage a peer in advancing their career.  We offer education, networking and job openings on our web-site (mymm.org). The membership fee is just $25 per year and you can use PayPal to make the payment.  Also you can consider AHRMM CMRP certification for your career advancement.

Primarily in existence to offer education for our members, we depend on the Education Committee to put together the fine programs that we have experienced this past year.  The Education Committee is led by John Hayes with assistance from Bill Butler, Doug Korba, Susan Wills and Craig Dudley.  We thank you for the sessions from 2016 and look forward to the new sessions you will offer us in 2017.

Networking opportunities are also part of our role which we bring to you through the education sessions, February social networking event, golf tournament and the annual meeting in October.  Special thanks for making these events successful go out to Joe Blaney, Chris Johnson, the vendors and volunteers.

Congratulations to Ed Raeke who was awarded the Daniel J. Brady award for Materials Manager of the Year and to the crew at Cintas, the NESHMM Vendor of the Year.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we will see you in 2017 in Foxboro.

Brian G. Murphy, President